1:12th Tudor Houses 
by Kevin Jackson

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This is a  3 large room house with 3 front lift off access panels.

It has full remote controlled electrics including a smoking chimney.

There are 3 hidden internal speakers which can be connected via either Bluetooth or by plugging in an MP3 player through which you can play medieval Minstrel music through.

The remote control system has a flicker function which can be used on all of the lights and fires to create a more authentic effect.

Two working fires with the ground floor one having a hanging rail with copper pots and a cast iron cauldron also supplied.

Each room has additional 2 pin sockets to enable you to plug in additional lighting and also control via the remote. The rooms also have random mouse holes and two friendly mice are supplied with the house.

The house sits on a brickwork plinth and there are several additional areas of feature brickwork, including an exposed area of brickwork under the broken away render to the outside of the chimney.

It comes with all my usual high quality details and features including solid timber individual floor boards complete with nail holes. Hand sculpted roof and paving and handmade leased light windows, individually timber pegged timber frame joints.

To celebrate building my first house since moving back to Devon the house comes complete with an additional section of walled and paved area which can be dressed as either a garden or market area. This section has a large circular paved pattern feature, which would loom great with say a well placed in the centre of it.

This very special deal comes complete with all the accessories that can be seen in the photos which include, stone seat, wheel barrow, barrels, vary, log stack and hanging baskets etc.

The two hanging signs can have whatever the buyer wants written on them.

Built to Order,  for other details please feel free to contact me.

New House For Sale

Deluxe Old Curiosity Shoppe

Deluxe Olde Curiosity Shoppe

This  house celebrates the  building of  my first house since moving back to Devon..