1:12th Tudor Houses 
by Kevin Jackson

Copyright  ©  Kevin Jackson  2020 . All Rights Reserved.   


At the very start of the process after discussing what you are looking for in your house with Kevin, he will sketch up his interpretation of your wishes and send you copies of the drawings, he will alter anything you ask him to before starting the build.

You will receive regular updates including photos so you can make decisions at the key stages of the build.

Kevin welcomes commissioned orders, the process of which would be along the following lines:

To my knowledge, none of the houses i have made for customers to date, have ever been advertised for resale as they are all unique and are usually purchased with the intention of them becoming family heirlooms. You will see many second hand houses made by other builders which is mainly due to the fact that there have been so many of them made and their lack of detail which results in the owners becoming bored with them. My houses are so detailed and each one is built using approx 2500 individually hand crafted pieces which means that each time you study one of my houses you will almost always notice something you hadn’t noticed before.