Kelly Horsburgh

I loved my Rochester Dolls House from the moment I saw the pictures of it! This actually didn’t compare to the reality of it in my living room. The house is exquisitely made; details like the floorboards and the window handles bring it to life, and I just cannot stop staring at it. My husband (totally not a dolls house man) has already proclaimed it a family heirloom. The roof tiles are beautiful; the rooms all have so much detail. My house is to be Reindeer Land, Father Christmas’ house and workshop, and I have been collecting for it for a year without a house! It looks truly amazing lit up with Santa on the balcony looking out. I still have a lot of bits to get for it! Kevin has been amazing in all my dealings with him we have developed quite an email friendship and he has gone to efforts to make every detail perfect for me. This includes the delivery and setting up of the house beautifully. I’ve made my own houses from kits before and this house really is quality. I know in future years that Kevin Jackson houses are going to be sort after! Anyone who sees them will doubtless want one! The Rochester really is my ultimate dolls house. I cannot recommend Kevin enough!

“I first saw Kevin at work organising and controlling more than 200 contractors whilst filming the build of the Ideal Home Show Village some years ago. During that time I got to see how Kevin ruled with an iron hand and seemed to shrug off the that went with building 4 full sized, fully decorated and furnished show houses in as little as 10 days. So when he contacted me to tell me he was now retired in Devon, building dolls houses, on his own, and taking 4 weeks to build each one, I was just a little surprised. Now I have seen the houses I can certainly see why each one takes so long. The quality and detail is astounding. I didn’t realise quite how delicate a builder could be, I couldn’t find any use for my nail gun on them. I wish Kevin all the luck in his new venture, he certainly deserves it. Best of luck Tommy”

Having worked with Kevin many times over the last 5 years or so I know he’s the kind of perfectionist that only accepts the highest standard of workmanship. I shouldn’t therefore have been too surprised at the meticulous attention to detail he applies when creating his dolls houses, but I must admit even I was taken aback at just how intricate they are. Also, after seeing the wonderful range of furniture and other tiny accessories that are painstakingly made for this type of house, I can now understand why so many people become so captivated by collecting miniatures. They’re not doll’s houses, they’re little architectural works of wonder. Good luck Kevin.”

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Linda Barker

Freek and Anne from

The Netherlands

We placed an order for a Canterbury Tudor house with Kevin via email and talked through all the changes and additions we wanted over a period of about 2 months.  During this time he was busy building the house to our specifications.  The result of this excellent cooperation is a brilliant dolls house which is the best of our collection. The quality and accuracy of the house is beyond description. We were rather concerned about the delivery to Holland and worried about possible transport damage .

Kevin sent a mail to tell us that we should expect arrival in about a week or so. Three days later it arrived in perfect condition packed in a special crate.

Thanks again for everything Kevin.

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