1:12th Tudor Houses 
by Kevin Jackson

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Kevin builds many commissioned orders for customers. He is able to bring the customers ideas and thoughts to fruition and the resulting houses are usually intended to be kept and passed down as family heirlooms.


Kevin’s determination of building high quality, unique houses has not changed over the years and his continued ideas and developments only serve to make his houses even more unique and sought after.

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Ceiling Beams



The Rochester

Market House

Pilgrims Rest

Old Curiosity Shop

All of the items in the range are handcrafted by Kevin and are built to the same exacting standards as his houses.

Tudor Furniture

Kevin has always prided himself on his attention to detail and he has continued to develop his houses not only in regards to the minute details included but more significant features with regards to their construction and design, many of which are worldwide exclusive to Kevin’s houses.

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Kevin Jackson builds authentic Tudor Dolls Houses in the scale of One Twelfth.

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It has come to my attention that houses matching my designs are being sold as being originals built by me and sold at significant prices. Before you decide to buy a house from any source other than me, please feel free to contact me and I will verify it’s authenticity. Buyer Beware!